Hey there, I'm Ricky.
Nice seeing you here.

I'm currently an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University pursuing double majors in the School of Design and the Human-Computer Interaction Institute. I also have additional minors in Sound Design and Photography.

In my work, I deeply ground my decision-making through research and evidence while applying careful aesthetic treatment to create elegant and thoughtful solutions. I also like exploring various levels of interaction through print and digital mediums and am curious about constructing exploration and play through physical, digital, and hybrid spaces.

In my free time, I love exploring art, music, and photography in whatever way I can and occasionally play with graphic design and 3-D rendering. Here are also some of the city pop, jazz, and house music that I am currently enjoying. I like dancing to good music, writing beautiful words, and spending my time taking care of and getting to know my current eight -> ten plants. And blue is my all time favorite color, especially shades of a deep ultramarine.