Graphic Explorations 🧩 is an experimental project aimed to explore 101 visuals through typography, imagery, and patterns by the end of 2022.

Timeline —
Ongoing (2 months)
Role —
Graphic Design
Art Direction
For —
Whatever my creative heart desires <3
With —


Design as an Artistic Practice
Alot of my work is in tech, so I often don't get a chance to play with graphical work that I am interested in. This is why I started this project. Ultimately, it will be a collection of 101 different graphical explorations. And I chose 101 as its my favorite number.

With this personal exercise, I want to separate my work from my own sensitivities so that there is no judgement or caution in my process. Hopefully then, this will become a daily ritual where I can just create in the purest sense to feel more like an artist with my work than a designer. There will be no right or wrong ways of making in this process, and I will also be referencing a lot to the movies, games, music, art, anime, and activities that I'm currently enjoying.