Hello πŸ§ƒ, nice seeing you here! I'm Ricky (he/his), an undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon University pursuing double majors in the School of Design and in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute.

As an interface designer, I care deeply about how technology can be translated and transformed into a more humanistic language, and as a visual artist, I'm interested in art direction and creating lasting brand identities through printed matter + digital experiences.

Check out PocketMacros πŸͺ², a project I recently launched in the App Stores and 'Probing Documentation Practices' πŸ’‘, a published paper I co-authored for the 2021 Creativity and Cognition (C&C) Conference. I'm also currently working with the lovely Elana Schlenker πŸ’…πŸ»Β on branding and identity projects.

Aside from work, I love exploring music, photography, and art in whatever ways I can. Here are some of the city pop, ambient, and techno music that I'm currently enjoying. I love sharing really good music πŸ’Ώ with my really good friends, going through the painful process of handwriting πŸ–‹ beautiful words, and building up my personal collection πŸ“‚ of many things (I'm currently obsessed with crazy typefaces, tote bags, and vintage home objects). Ask me what I'm currently listening to; I'm always down for good conversations!