Hello. I'm Ricky (he/his), an incoming designer at Figma. Previously, I designed at Apple and studied at Carnegie Mellon University where I pursued dual degrees in the School of Design and the Human-Computer Interaction Institute.

As a designer, I care deeply about how we can better democratize design, creation, and collaboration through creative software and tooling. While interface, web, and product-related works are my primary focus, my background in visual design also extends to printed matter + ephemera, editorial design, art direction, and analog forms of making.

Most recently, I worked at Apple 🍎 designing for new digital experiences that tell interactive stories, and soon, I'll be joining the Product Design team at Figma 🌈. Previously, I've also worked at Coda ✴️ to reimagine the future of collaboration, productivity, and creation tools and at Studio Elana Schlenker 💅🏻 on brand and editorial projects for Facebook, A24, Euphoria, and the Walker Art Center. For personal and freelance work, I've made motion designs for HommeGirls, a lovely website for Polina Aronova, a 40-page book titled 'Collecting the Uncollectible', an awarded publication entitled 'Probing Documentation Practices' and nightlife posters for parties all around Brooklyn. I'm always opened to joining interesting projects in the realms of publishing, fashion, music, dance, education, and tech.

Aside from work, I love exploring music, language, and art in whatever ways I can. Here are some of the city pop, ambient, and electronic music that I'm currently enjoying. I love sharing really good music with my really good friends, going through the painful process of handwriting beautiful words, and building up my personal collection of many things (I'm very into vintage home objects). Ask me what I'm currently listening to; I'm always down for good conversations!